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Levy, Miles and Yuri Shimoda. “Preserving Home Recordings through Community Collaborations at Basement Tapes Day,” ARSC Journal 53.1 (Spring 2022).

Shimoda, Y., “Optical Transfer Technologies for Radio Transcription Discs,” in “Radio Preservation,” special issue of the Journal of Archival Organization, 2020, DOI: 10.1080/15332748.2020.1788313.

Abstract: The bulk of recorded radio content prior to the introduction of magnetic tape in the late 1940s was made on lacquer transcription discs. These discs have proven highly unstable and are considered a top preservation priority in radio archives. While preservation reformatting via mechanical playback is ideal, when it comes to damaged or deteriorating discs, the risk of losing content and the amount of labor needed to perform one-to-one transfers is high. As an alternative, several optical scanning technologies have been developed. This article offers a comparative study of four existing optical transfer systems for discs: IRENE, Saphir, VisualAudio, and Endpoint Audio.


Click here to view the accepted manuscript of this paper.

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