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Shimoda, Y. Community Collaboration in AV Preservation: Basement Tapes Day and Digitizing Native Voices at the Autry (October 2020). Presentation at the Regional Audiovisual Summit, hosted by the Wilson Special Collections Library at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. 

Posadas, L., Posas, L., and Shimoda, Y. Digitizing and Revitalizing a Century of Native Voice and Song at the Autry; Barker, R., Levy, M., Rastelli, L., Shimoda, Y., and Vallier, J. New Frontiers in Recorded Sound Preservation: Community-Based Audio Archiving (May 2020). Presentations at the ARSC Virtual Conference.

Garrett-Davis, J., Ortega, L., Minks, A., Posas, L., and Shimoda, Y. (October 2019) Community Collaboration and Access: Digitizing Native American Sound Archives. Presentation at the International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums (ATALM), Temecula, California.


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Shimoda, Y. (June 2019) Escuchando la Frontera: Listening to Collections and Communities. Panelist at the UCLA Music Library, UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, and UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive symposium on the Frontera Collection.


Shimoda, Y. (September 2018) The Archival Processing of Master Recordings from the Universal Music Group Collection. Presentation and panel discussion at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) L.A. Section meeting on Audio Archiving, Restoration, and Preservation - Past, Present, and Future, Hollywood, California. 


Shimoda, Y. (September 2018) A Summer of Mid-1940s Melodies: Processing Master Recordings from the Decca Label. Presentation at the MLA California Chapter meeting, San Diego, California. 

Patton, C. and Shimoda, Y. (May 2018) Wes Anderson: Audio Auteur. Poster presentation at the ARSC Conference, Baltimore, Maryland.

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