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Major Paper

"Funding Proposal: The Sunset Strip Music Archive"

Ethnomusicology C200 – Audiovisual Archiving in the 21st Century (Winter 2017)

Note: In November 2018, the Professional Programs Committee approved my petition request to allow this paper from a course outside of the IS Department to satisfy my major paper requirement. The assignment was to craft a funding proposal for an audiovisual archive using the information gleaned from class readings, discussions, activities, and outside research to inspire a desire to support the project in the funding agency. The paper had to address all of the topics covered in the course, citing archivists, scholars, and professional bodies to bolster arguments for funding.

Abstract: The Sunset Strip Music Archive collects and preserves audiovisual materials related to the musical history of the Sunset Strip, connecting the past with the present, to educate and inspire researchers, musicians, and scholars. This funding proposal presents the West Hollywood City Council with a detailed plan that includes collection development, description, rights management, and access policies as a request for start-up and other costs to ensure the Sunset Strips musical history is never forgotten.

Please click HERE to download a PDF of the "Sunset Strip Music Archive Funding Proposal."

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